Subject Re: [IBO] Date field in grid and hang-up on close
Author Steve Fields
I think it may due to some interaction with an
other component. It seems to be alright if I
do a rebuild on everything (Alt-P - BuildAll)
But also when I do this it rebuilds all of your
IBO .PAS files during the rebuild. (Which is
rebuilding all of the DCUs), then it works for
awhile and then stops.
For the rebuild of your packages I remove all
IBO packages, remove the component tabs, delete
all .DCUs, and all .BPLs then I rebuild all of
the packages and install them as if new. Am I
missing anything?
On second thought, I just reviewed your
instructions and I do not delete the whole
directory's contents before unpacking. Could
this be a problem?

Steve Fields

Jason Wharton wrote:
> This is usually due to a fluke problem with not rebuilding your packages
> properly. Surely something this simple being a problem would raise problems
> for many people.
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ
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> Subject: Re: [IBO] Date field in grid and hang-up on close
> > BTW This happens even if I do not even edit,
> > insert, or delete a record. Just opne the
> > app and then close it again.
> >
> > Steve Fields
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