Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBO Help
Author Luiz

I installed in D7 changing the appropriate files and all is working well.


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Subject: Re: [IBO] Installing IBO Help

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> >Helen,
> >
> >There are two help files in IBO site. I read the instructions to
> >but I am in doubt because there are two differents files IBO40_Help and
> >IBO40_CompHelp.
> >Since there are two files IBO40.hlp, which them do I have to install?
> >If I install both in delphi help directory, one overwrite the other.
> No, only one of them. The ..CompHelp version is the same as the other,
> except that it also includes the protected properties and methods - so you
> only need that one if you are creating your own descendant
> components. It's quite a lot bigger.
> Helen