Subject Re: About a change in IBC_DATE.IMP
Author Marco Menardi
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> Was there a consensus on this in the community?

Well, I not really understood the modification, so if you are interested in include it, please give me some days to see if it works for me and if it does something interesting.
If you remember, when I improved the IB_Date, I discovered that a lot of people was using that control in ways I never thought possible, and a lot of people was complainig for the "improvements" (i.e. about autofill property, calendar new colors, etc.), so we had to make the control work as usual and enable the enhancemend trought new properties! My advice is to upload the "improved" IB_Date and ask people to test it, or release a "test subrelease", or be ready for very responsive and quick "fixes".
Since we are talking about fixes Jason, I've sent to you two improvements/fix in July, but are not included in the last subrelease, so I was wondering if you missed them, or are just to be "checked".
The first e-mail subject was "IB_Text improved text positioning if border/bevel defined", the second was "IB_ComboBox destroy problem under particular situations, fix". Any info about them?

Marco Menardi