Subject Re: Help...BDE Migration 99%
Author lfeliz

I have figured my problem....set a few breakpoints in the right place
and it is amazing what you find. I had some code in a before post
that was using a FindKey in a partially linked table that was
overlooked. I think I got it solved.

- Lou

--- In IBObjects@y..., "lfeliz" <lfeliz@y...> wrote:
> Hello and help.
> I am 99% done migrating an app from Paradox/BDE to IBO. All forms
> and reports seem to work fine. After a few hours of tweaking and
> editing my only problem centers around a critical form used for
> payroll calculations a set of single table queries that request
> I wish to get them working but I get the error
> "Field Index Out of Range" when I post the change to current record.
> I originally had Query objects that selected the keys and then
> the actual table to query via Master links. I have since removed
> that as it is hopefully more efficient with IBO to just access
> once using the TIBOQuery with all fields and request live. This did
> not work. So I defined keylinks, set AUTOKEYLINKS to false and had
> que generate the update SQL. I still get the same error.
> Not sure where to go from here? Luckily as a last resort I could
> redo this one small form with IBX as a band-aid, but I really don't
> want to do that.
> Any suggestions are welcome.
> -Lou