Subject Re: [IBO] Dialect 3 Problem
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:48 PM 06-09-02 +1200, you wrote:
>It doesnt appear to be your problem - bt there is one gotcha with dialect 3.
>The SQL spec is stupid and multiple interpretations cause confusion. For
>mixed case identifiers you need to use quotes.

No, this is not true.
You can use mixed case identifiers, just as you always did with
IB. However, if you create a new table and you place double quotes around
the mixed case identifiers, they will be enforced as mixed case and you
will have to double-quote them every time you use them.

>However if you use all
>uppercase identifiers, most things will treat them as dialect one

This is an incorrect interpretation as well. If you use all uppercase with
quoted identifiers it will be OK to use them **in uppercase** without
double quotes. Th However, if you use them in mixed case without double
quotes, they won't be recognised, since they are case-sensitive.

If you stick to legal identifiers and leave them unquoted, you won't have
to change anything in your old application except the few whose names you
change because they are keywords.