Subject RE: [IBO] Lookup Refresh (was Lookup problem)
Author Malcolm Smith
I went through demos 1 -> 3 in the GSG and compared the settings for PRODUCT
/ PRODUCTTYPE with my SPRITEDETAILS / IPLOOKUP and even designed my SQL
statements based on the demo. If my SQL statements are wrong then the GSG
isn't very clear (it appears very clear). I white-boarded the GSG demos and
converted the names just to make sure I had done the same.

I asked once before whether I needed two datasets (hence transactions) and
never got an answer so I have been playing with both options. On my form I
have a data entry screen to enter new records into IPLOOKUP and then there
is another page that has data entry for the GROUPS/SPRITEDETAILS tables.
Each query has its' own dataset. This bit is fine.

Then I needed to implement a lookup for one of the fields. I made the
assumption I needed a different query/dataset for the lookup
(TIB_LookupCombo) so that is why you see two datasets. May be this is the
point where I went wrong.

You said:

This looks wrong:

KeyDescLinks.Strings = (

Not according to the GSG.

If you look at the previos email IP_IPADDRESS is marked as a computer field.


I get the feeling my questions are causing some frustration. If this is the
case then I apologise. Don't think I'm not putting in the effort. This is
all I have done for the last 2 days - not very productive this week.
Database stuff is not my expertise (component development and hardware
interfaces is my game) and I'm working through as much material as I can get
my hands on - I have even just puchased a "SQL Bible". I am working on a
project now that needs a client/server database so here I am.... Eventually
I will put the same amount of effort into helping others; that's my nature.
If you followed the C++Builder list on Topica you would know that. I'm a
respected programmer in my field and I go out of my way to help others (just
like Helen). I co-authored the "C++Builder 5 Developers Guide" recently
published by SAMS (in my area of expertise) so I'm not a newby programmer -
but database work is my weakness. Either bare with me or tell me I'm using
up too much bandwidth and I'll disappear. < it has been a bad week >

I get the feeling we are going around in circles with my problem. I've
obviously done something fundamentally wrong.

I could write another small demo application doing a copy/paste from the
real project and ask someone to take a closer look at it but does anyone
have the time......

Malcolm Smith
MJ Freelancing
ABN: 30 671 763 146