Subject RE: [IBO] Lookup problem
Author Malcolm Smith
Norman (and others),

I now have everything working but have one question regarding the best
approach for one issue in this demo application.

There are 2 pages in the demo. 1 page shows one table (later used as a
lookup) and the 2nd page shows the master/detail relationship between two
other tables.

This second page has the lookup combobox. When the form is opened all
datasets are opened and the transaction used is set to auto-commit and
read-committed (Isolation = tiCommitted). The master/detail tables work
fine with updates (ie the new records are visible immediately to the user.
For the moment, keep in the back of your mind that the detail table has a
column that uses a lookup to the table on the first page. If I add records
to the lookup table (first page) I don't see them as available in the lookup
combobox unless I close/re-open the query. Assuming I have done everything
correctly - I have one query for the first page where data is entered and I
have another query for the lookup. Do I have to explictly refresh the
lookup query or is there a property I am missing that will cause it to be
auto-refreshed when new records are committed. I'm sure I've read this in
the GSG; I cannot find the information again.

On a smaller note, is it possible to do a lookup from a cell in the grid so
I don't need to use the combobox ?

Malcolm Smith
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