Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_SearchEdit has no IgnoreColorScheme property
Author Christian G├╝tter

my question still remains unanswered.
Was this question so stupid or so difficult?
Or do most people not use IB_SearchEdits?

Anyway, I've discovered another shortcoming of
IB_SearchEdit: when you press the up or down
keys when you are on a IB_IncSearch, the datset
scrolls up or down. This is a very useful feature,
my users love it :-)
This does not happen when you use a IB_SearchEdit.
I was able to modify the IB_SearchEdit unit so that
this feature also works for a SearchEdit.

I think it would be great if this feature would be
part of a future IBO version. I haven't contributed
any code yet, so I wonder what I should do.
Just send the code to Jason privately so that he
can take a look on it?

Thanks in advance for your answers!