Subject RE: [IBO] Column Headings and Hints
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:44 PM 21-08-02 +1000, you wrote:
>I was looking at FieldsGridLabel, need to look a few more rows up the Object

FieldsGridLabel is OK, too, for now - it does the same thing as
FieldsDisplayLabel. FieldsGridLabel is a deprecated property (meaning it
will disappear eventually - it's only there for backward compatibility)

>Although there is a lot of help file it is a little 'bare-bones'.

You really need to read the stuff in the introductory section. Our
helpfile is built with Time2Help, a miraculous help system tool that uses
the Delphi sourcecode of apps and components to build helpfiles about them.

As such, it is faithfully bound to the inheritance model. The TIBO
components are inherited from Delphi's TDataset class, so the Delphi help
is where you will find the doc for the methods and props it inherits from
there. They are "wrapped" by TIB_ native IBO classes - the wrapper
property is InternalDataset, which is a TIB_BDataset (the base class for
the scrollable datasets). Those properties of the InternalDataset that are
published to the TIBO classes are documented in TIB_Dataset and TIB_BDataset.

>You meantioned:
> tablename.columnname="MY CAPTION"
>This is more useful to us beginners than what is in the help file:
> "Use the standard format for making column entries."
>Just my 'IBO Beginners' observation.

Fair comment; but the TI sheets explain that the standard format for
making column entries which varies according to whether you are "entering"
them in the Object Inspector or in the Fields Property editor, at dataset
level or at connection level, at design-time or at run time.

btw, to get to the Fields property editor for the TIBO classes, click on
the ellipsis in the SQL property of the Object Inspector.


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