Subject RE: [IBO] Column Headings and Hints
Author Malcolm Smith
I have all the TI sheets but I might sit down and read them all again.

Is there a web page dedicated to detail what is in the GSG - I realise it is
a getting started guide but I haven't seen anything to indicate what is
actually in (contents wise) etc. I can't afford it until next month
(exchange rate) but I'd like to know what I'm paying for before I shell out.

If I've missed this information on the web page then just shoot me down.

Malcolm Smith
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At 01:38 PM 21-08-02 +1000, you wrote:
>I looked through the help file yesterday and today for both questions and
>could not find the answer. I always look first, honest.

That's why we did the GSG. If you don't know what properties you are
looking for, it's fairly hard to search the help for them.

If you can't afford the GSG, at least grab the TI sheets on Datasets and
Controls. That's what they are there for and they *are* described in the
main IBO help file....


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