Subject RE: [IBO] Another Self Exercise
Author Malcolm Smith
I wish I had spare time. I work 7 days a week on my own product!

I'm trying to learn this stuff and I always take the long road but at the
end of it I pretty much know it inside out (to my requirements).

You said I would be looking at 25 seconds. I hope we can do better than
that. I did the same thing with InterbaseExpress some time ago and it only
took 9-10 seconds.

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From: Svein Erling Tysvaer
Subject: Re: [IBO] Another Self Exercise

>3. Do I have to commit every N records to gain performance ?

If you want, you may commit every 10000 or 20000 or something. You could
end up with a four digit number of inserts per second - for simplicity say
4000 per second, that should be approximately 25 seconds to insert your
100000 records. Try it once with all indexes disabled and once with them
all enabled. I think you should observe a difference!