Subject Re: [IBO] BDE Conversion question
Author Geoff Worboys
> In converting a Paradox app, I have encountered TCurrencyField. What
> should I map this to?

What do you mean?

Are you talking about database structure (the underlying field types
in the database itself), or are you talking about something on the
client side.

NB. Currency is not really one of those "easy answer" questions, a lot
really depends on how the field is used, what sort of currency it
holds, what manipulations will be performed, what levels of precision
are required.

ie. More info please.

Note also; you can answer a lot of questions more quickly as easily
via the following resources (in particular look at the tech info
sheets for an article on IB/FB numeric fields)...

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- The IBO online help - available where you downloaded IBO.
(Also: )

- The release notes (distributed in the IBO Source as

- FAQ and Tech Sheet information at

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Interbase/Firebird Related:

- The firebird website:
(see links to "Documentation" and "Novice's Guide").

In particular most people should download and have as reference
the IB6Beta documentation available from:

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Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing