Subject RE: [IBO] Foreign key
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Malcolm,

> Strange. As soon as I opened the master query I get the error. The
> test app is VERY simple (in fact I only have one line of code to
> open a second query).

Just built and ran your app. Everything OK, browsing the master
updated the detail just fine.

Then I noticed that the EditSQL was still there. Removed it via Query
Editor, re-ran app... bingo! Statement-cannot-be-blank error.

But when I checked the EditSQL through the Object Inspector, I saw
that it still contained an empty string. That explained the error,
because if EditSQL isn't empty (and a StringList with an empty string
is not an empty StringList), it will be used.

I removed the empty string and than the app ran fine again, including
master-detail behaviour. Oddly enough, I couldn't reproduce the error
by re-inserting and re-removing the EditSQL through the Query
Editor. Must have left a space when I deleted it the first time...

I use BCB 5, IBO 4.2Hg and Firebird 1

Paul Vinkenoog