Subject RE: [IBO] Foreign key
Author Malcolm Smith
Strange. As soon as I opened the master query I get the error. The test
app is VERY simple (in fact I only have one line of code to open a second

When I get to the office I will put the test app on my web site for someone
to PLEASE download and see what is wrong - it must be just a property
setting but I cannot see the difference between my application and the demo.


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Subject: Re: [IBO] Foreign key

There is simply something confusing you here. EditSQL should have no bearing
on whether you can select data in a master-detail setup or not.

Jason Wharton
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Subject: [IBO] Foreign key

> I'm starting out with IBO.
> I created my first sample master-detail table today in BCB5 and was
> a 'cannot use blank SQL statement' (or similar). Looking at demos I could
> not work out why.
> After looking at some other sources I found a sample that used an EditSQL
> statement. I could only get my application to work if I added:
> update GROUPS
> set
> where
> to the EditSQL string in my master query.
> Why is this ?
> My database is very basic and I only added the foreign key because from my
> BDE experiences I thought I needed it. It is not used for anything else
> the moment). Can I get rid of it and hence the above SQL statement.
> Malcolm Smith
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