Subject [IBO] Re: Ambiguous field name between tables ...
Author svein_erling
Thanks Norman!

You're very right of course. When trying to explain something, one of
the worst mistakes one can do is confuse people with a statement like
the one I wrote. 90% of us wouldn't have any problem understanding,
but that is the 90% of us that already know how to to use ParamByName.

-perplexed by how I could do this kind of mistake

--- In IBObjects@y..., Norman Dunbar <norman.dunbar@l...> wrote:
> Svein,
> I don't want to be pedantic but ........
> IB_Query1.ParamByName('ID').AsInteger:=1; //or another value
> should read
> IB_Query1.ParamByName('CD').AsInteger:=1; //or another value
> with the parameter name changed.
> I know it was a typo, but it could confuse some of us :o)
> Cheers,
> Norman.