Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Connection: error msg displayed upon cancel
Author Raymond Kennington
Thanks for your suggestions.

What's the point of having a Cancel button if it makes no difference as to whether a
connection will be attempted or not?

So are there separate exceptions for:

Cancelled Dialog Box
Clicked OK, but
FB not installed
FB Installed, but wrong username/password combination?

Normally I would do the following:

with DialogBox do
if not (ShowModal() = mrOk) then

Login(Username, password)
on E: Exception do

Now it is to become:

Connect(); // Hopefully no message appears within Connect(),
// but I suspect it will.
on E: Exception do
case Cancel: // do nothing
case not connected: Msg('FB not connected')
case bad user/logon: Mst('Please try again')

Is this what is done?

Raymond Kennington

Norman Dunbar wrote:
> Hi Raymond,
> I have exactly the same 'problem' as this with some Oracle access components
> I use in my real job. If the user decides to cancel a login then they get a
> 'User aborted' message.
> I also consider it to be normal behaiviour and quite acceptable. However, I
> can, if I wish, code an exception handler and filter it out if I choose to
> do so.
> As Nando mentioned, the action being attempted is setting connected to true.
> This has not happened - because of the user's actions - and so it has
> failed. The failure has raised an exception, but withing the context of the
> component not in the context of your application. This is then passed back
> to your app to handle or ignore accordingly. As with all exceptions the
> developer chooses how to handle it - s/he can ignore it or display a
> message. In this case, the default action is to display it.
> Try catching it and simply ignoring it. I'd advise you to filter out the
> cancelled login exception and still display any others just in case you hit
> something a bit different like "Oops, the user forgot to start his
> Firebird/Interbase server" - I've done that myself too many times!
> Regards,
> Norman.
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> Subject: Re: [IBO] TIB_Connection: error msg displayed upon cancel
> Why have a message box with Ok/Cancel if cancelling the logon is going to
> bring up an
> Error message?
> I was so surprised that I actually was startled by the white cross on a red
> background:
> What could be wrong?
> Connected would only be attempted if I choose Ok, for then a username and a
> password would
> have been entered and the user (the developer in the IDE in this case) would
> want to
> attempt to set it to true.
> An attempt to set Connected to True should only occur if I press Ok and no
> attempt should
> be made to Connect if I choose to cancel the option.
> Raymond Kennington
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