Subject Re: [IBO] Login and Data Display
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 10:56 AM 10-08-02 -0400, you wrote:
>Greetings, all,
>I am a new IBO user and have some questions.
>1. Is the help file distributed only with a registered version? Or can it be
>downloaded while working with the evaluation copy?

It is a separate download - keep going down the Downloads page to the
Documentation section.

>I have found only the
>Getting Started Guide, and that leaves out a lot.

You probably haven't found the Getting Started Guide, covers the
connection basics in mind-numbing detail, with pictures...<g>

>I have created two forms:
>Form A, based on the MasterLinks example, with tib_connection, a
>tib_transaction and three sets of (tIBOtable hooked to tDataSource and
>tDataGrid). Except for login problems explained below, this is working ok.
>2. With tib_connection.LoginPrompt set to false, the default user name and
>password properties are not recognized; ditto with a personal user name and
>password which ahve been registered with the InterBase server. I get a
>runtime error, but after closing the message boxes the app opens normally.

First, I recommend using TIBODatabase with TIBOQuery, instead of
TIB_Connection and TIB_Transaction. If you need to add more transaction
objects, you can use TIBOTransaction. The "native IBO" components (TIB_*)
that you have used are not incompatible, exactly, but they have less
encapsulation of the TDataset-compatible stuff which TIBO* components were
designed for.

You probably have used some utility to set the Windows environment
variables isc_user and isc_password. This is how it comes about that you
are eventually able to connect despite "failing" the login.

IBO doesn't acknowledge the possibility of password-free login. If you set
the LoginPrompt to false, you must supply the username and password somehow
yourself. You can do this in the relevant properties of the connection
object and you will have to set the PasswordStorage property to psNotSecure
(it defaults to psNone, meaning login with LoginPrompt false is
impossible). Get hold of the help text and read up the doc for

>This happens with either form present in the app by itself, or with both
>forms present in the app. I would be happy to remove all security, since the
>app will only be run locally by me.

Then supply the username and password in the connection object and set
PasswordStorage to psNotSecure, as above. This compiles these properties
into your application with light encryption on the password; and anyone
can find out how to break into your server by reading your DFM file and
decrypting the password.

>Form B, based on the MasterDetail example, with a tib_connection, a
>tib_transaction and two tib_CtrlGrid.
>Each of CtrlGrid contains a tib_navigation bar, a tib_update bar and
>controls from the IBOControls palette, with data access via tib_connection,
>tib_transaction, tib_query and tib_DataSource. Both queries are set active
>at design time and in the form's OnCreate method. The sql properties of both
>queries are set to "select * from (tablename) for update".
>Q3. The control grids do not display any data at startup, and all buttons in
>the nav/update bars are greyed out. Can one of you give me an idea of what
>might be missing?

Yes, in native IBO you have to open the datasets with run-time code. If
you really do have the Getting Started Guide, there are several code
examples in there. If not, most if not all of the sample apps have them.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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