Subject commit ending permanently
Author david_cornelius
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> I have an app using a TIB_Transaction with AutoCommit set to true.
> Most of the time, I let AutoCommit take care of the necessary
> transaction handling for me. But for a certain set of operations I
> need to take explicit control, so I call:
> trn.StartTranaction
> <<do some stuff>>
> trn.CommitRetaining
> Then I want to be able to have the same AutoCommit behavior, but
> next operation results in an error: "Invalid Internal
> IB_Transaction". Using CodeSite I notice that, as described in the
> help file, SavePoints are generated for the AutoCommit behavior
> before this, but after I have taken control with the code above and
> done the "CommitRetaining", I see that the transaction has ENDED
> and then I get the error even if I do an explicit StartTransaction
> right after CommitRetaining. Also, any other edits in the app
> get committed to the database.
> How do I get the AutoStart/AutoCommit behavior back again?
> Thanks,
> David Cornelius