Subject Setting an Integer Param with String - No Exception raised
Author Michael L. Horne

I was working on a project which allowed the user to enter
different search methods which I then set in the Query.

When the user entered a text value in the Edit that would
be placed into a Integer Param I did not get the exception
which I expected.

Here is the code where the exception is handled in IBO:

File: IBA_Column.Imp, line 2711.

procedure TIB_ColumnInteger.SetAsString( const NewValue: string );
Value := StrToInt( tmpVal );
// In Delphi 3 it doesn't seem to know how to reciprocate the
if IntToStr( Low( integer )) = tmpVal then
Value := Low( integer );

Looks to me like there should be a "raise" in that exception????????

What do you all think???? I can work with it either way, just wasn't
what I expected to happen.

Michael L. Horne