Subject [IBO] Re: Master.Edit scrolls the Detail
Author exsoft4
--- In IBObjects@y..., lester@l... wrote:
> > I tried to send a sample app last wednesday,
> > but I don't know, if you have received it.
> >
> > To which email-address should I send the sample?
> > (I have not found a button for an attachment in
> > the yahoo group)
> Send that sort of thing direct to Jason ( his eMail address
> was on his reply ). The list has attachments disabled for
> obvious reasons.
> If you have something that you want to share with us, then
> you would use the yahoo 'Files' facility and download it
> there. Yahoo then notifies us of the new file and we can
> decide if we want it.
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> Lester Caine
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> L.S.Caine Electronic Services

I sent it to Jason's email-address (read on his web-site).
But I got no receipt nor response and I'm unsure,
whether he got it.

Jason, please could You drop me a note, whether
You got the sample or need further information?

Stefan Rausch