Subject Re: [IBO] Howto multi select
Author Lucas Franzen
Burak OZLER schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I try to multi select from a IB_Grid for 2 hours but no success. I'm trying to use selected as FAQ says and selectedbookmarks..

To use Multiselect you have to set the IB_Grid-Property
<IndicateSelected> to TRUE.

To get the Bookmarks of all selected records you can use:

bmList := TStringList.Create;
IB_Query.SelectedBookmarks ( bmList );

to scan through all selected records you can use:

for i := 0 to bmList.Count - 1 do
// set position on <n>th selected record
IB_Query.Bookmark := bmList[i];

// now do whatever you want to do with the record