Subject About IBO 4, Delphi 6 Personal Edition, Firebird 1.0 and Report Tools.
Author Héctor Mansilla A.
Hi there !

I need to know if somebody use IBO 4 with Delphi 6 Personal Edition,
because I need a Report Tool. All Report Tools needs VCLDB (DB-Aware)
and Delphi 6 Personal Edition dosen't have any dataset component .so,
Report Builder and Fast-Report say "We have native IBO support" and the
most cheap is Fast-Report 2.4 and I don't sure if Fast-Report works
with this "config"...

- Delphi 6 Personal Edition.
- IBObjects 4.2.
- Firebird 1.0.

Please, if you work with this tools, let me know if I can work with
Fast-Report, US $99 for me is a lot of money and my project
is "Freeware" until this is "stable". Then my project will
be "Trustware".

Thanks for your time, and sorry but my english is too bad !

Have a nice day !!!

Héctor Mansilla.
Santiago - Chile