Subject Re: [IBO] Cannot edit current row
Author bmckenna6
> > > >I'm getting a 'Cannot edit current row' error
> > I also noted above, that is what I have: a DBMemo.
> Check your transaction. If not so then add TIB_Transaction
> comp, connect it to your IB_Cennection and set

I'm not sure what you mean by 'check your transaction'.
I do have an IB_Connection and an IB_Transaction.

> Isolation:=tiCommitted;

This was 'tiConcurrency, but changing it to 'tiCommitted' still
results in the 'Cannot edit current row' error.

> AutoCommit:=True;

This I had.

> That should work in your case and, btw, please be gentle and
> do not hurt people who are trying to help you...

I do appreciate any help I get, but I do not understand your
reference to any lack of gentleness or even hurtfulness on my
part. There may be some 'cultural' norms of this list/group,
or perhaps even something else in general, that I'm not aware of,
so if you wouldn't mind being a bit more direct, I'd appreciate
the enlightenment. Please, do be direct. Thanks.