Subject Re: [IBO] I want to hear real world examples of IB/FB 24x7 two tier with IBO
> If you have an application that is running 24x7, two-tier with IBO, please
> post a reply with the number of the clients (instances).
> I want to know by the real-world examples the maximum number of clients that
> this model can handle.

I have systems with one or two real people as clients, but
running 100's of connections <g>

We run display systems that ahve displays continually
accessing the database 24/7 and updating their displays
based on the current state of trains on the network.

The only problems we are seeing is with losing network
connections, in which case the system works from a local
copy until it can connect again. All this was only achieved
once we switched to IBO and Firebird, having spent some
conciderable time trying to get IB5.6/BDE stable.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services