Subject RE: [IBO] View & Query or Query Only ???
Author Gerald W. McCaig

I have a general question. Is there a benefit to using views on tables
with no joins?

For example, if I have a query that calls for active employees, then
need to query from those active, would it be better to ...

1) create a view that first grabs all the active employee, then to run
my query on the view; or

2) simply run the query on the table with multiple clauses in my Where

Which is faster? And, any other comments would be appreciated.


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Subject: [IBO] Moving data from Firebird to Access

Hi all,

I have a system programmed using Firebird, Delphi 5 Pro and IBO. The
is very happy with it and now wants to put the data on a web site. To
that, the IT department wants the web data in an Access or MSSQL DB.

Any suggestions on a tool to use to generate an Access or SQL database
populate it from Firebird using Delphi?


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