Subject [IBO] Re: tib_Grid cell colors
Author stanw1950
I used the contact sample as a model. The cell coloring still
wouldn't work for records above the current record when the sort
order was changed (by clicking the column heading) until I added the
PrepareSQL procedure with code. If I commented out the code it didn't
work. Thanks.

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> To do correct coloring, see the Contact sample application. The
code there
> shows you how to isolate the grid cells and pull from the buffer the
> appropriate values. It's considerably different in IBO than the VCL.
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ
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> Subject: [IBO] Re: tib_Grid cell colors
> > I accidently fixed it. I added the PrepareSQL procedure for the
> > query because I had some combo boxes for filtering the result set.
> > After that the coloring worked correctly. When I commented out the
> > code in the PrepareSQL procedure, the coloring was incorrect
> > After un-commenting out, it worked. That's kind of strange that I
> > need that procedure to cause the coloring to be correct when the
> > order is changed.
> >
> > Stan Walker