Subject Re: [IBO] Syncronizing transactions
Author Luiz
I have used IBODMLCache and works very well.


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Subject: [IBO] Syncronizing transactions

> I don't know if there is an easy way to deal with this or not.
> Most applications will have multiple transactions, and certainly
> different apps don't share the same transactions. A transaction
> only "sees" information that has been updated or added that is
> attached to it's own transaction. When something is changed in
> another app or transaction, what is the best way of updating that
> info to other apps or transactions?
> I use a transaction refresh to update, but it seems illogical to have
> to have a user continually press a refresh button. I have also played
> around with IB_Event to notify the app of changes to key records.
> How does everyone else deal with this? Is there some generic
> procedures that can be used?
> Thanks,
> Paul