Subject Re: [IBO] Pessimistic Lock
Author Metin G´┐Żnen
> I dont. I have contemplated using DML Caching (link to tech info in
> an earlier posting on this thread), however so far I have found it
> unnecessary. The biggest of my applications is in the happy position
> of conflicting updates being very rare - about thirty users accessing
> the database, but these are spread across 6 different branches and so
> is the work. So far I have not had any complaints. The only place
> where conflicts are likely is in administrative function, and those
> functions allow only a few users.
O.K Let me ask my question another way . I have a table which I need to
sum it's two fields on every update , every insert , every delete. To make
things faster I prepared a Master - Detail Dataset. I put the totals on
master. Every time I update the child table I go to master table and update
the totals. Is there another way to do this ? like using a query every time
to get the totals of child fields , or using a SP or using a Trigger or
something else ? Then what will be the advantages and disadvantages of
these ?

Metin Gonen