Subject Re: [IBO] Pessimistic Lock
Author Metin G´┐Żnen
"Helmut Steinberger" wrote;

> user 1 changes field1, field2 and field3 of the record.
> user 2 changes field1, field4 and field5 of the record.
> Then user1 saves and then after that user2 saves.
> The record has now the changes of user1 in field2 und field3 and the
> changes of user2 in field1, field4, and field5.

If the record is storing totals of some child fields , it won't work.
Let's say at the beginning field1 has a value of 200 this is the master
table It has a child table with two records each of 100 (total=200) .

Then user 1 made some inserts to child table and then put the sum to field1
(added 500) and saved. The total is 700 .

After that the second user made some inserts to child table and then saved
to field 1 . (added 800 ) at his screen the total is: 1000 .

When the user 1 refreshes his data he will see that there are child fields
total of 1500 but the field 1 shows 1000. Same happens to user 2 when he
refreshes his data.

How will we solve this ?.


Metin Gonen