Subject Re: [IBO] Pessimistic Lock
Author Metin G´┐Żnen
> My main concern is your statement "dataset for updating totals", I
> hope this does not mean you are using triggers to maintain total
> records in some other table. This is not generally recommended and
> needs to be done very carefully to be safe in a multi-user
> environment.

No . I am not using any triggers to alter other tables. Also I want to ask
about pessimistik Lock. What happens to the dummy lock , if the person who
locked the table
abnormally closes the application or somehow his transaction fails. Will I
have to write some maintenance routines ?

In earlier rows of mesages I found your answer to Marco about using Flag
Field for locking purposes.
I was using that system very often in dos programs written with clipper.
But this time I want to use capabilities of C/S architecture.

Metin Gonen