Subject Re: [IBO] sharing connections between threads
Author Maik Wojcieszak
There is no problem to connect each thread seperatly. I have
an TIB_Connection Object for each thread. Now I dont't want
to initialize (connect) a TIB_Connection Object each time I
create a new session. Can I use TIB_Session to create a
new connection uppon an existing connection and is this faster ?

Answer: I dont't know if connection sharing will help I only need
another way (a faster way) to create new sessions for different threads
because if I start short running threads wich will be destroyed after
they did what they're supposed to do it creates too much load on the
server and it's too slow.


On Wed, 22 May 2002 21:43:12 +1000, Geoff Worboys wrote:

>> They should use the same connection then the master thread. All
>> other Objects could be created in the worker thread itself.
>> Can I do this with IBObjects and how can I do this ?
>Short Answer: No - IBO needs separate sessions (and therefore separate
>connections, transactions etc) for each thread.
>Slightly Longer Answer: Yes provided you synchronise every call to the
>connection and turn off callbacks on all datasets. I am not certain
>this will work since IBO was not designed to operate this way, but it
>seems as though it probably would work - BUT it would not offer any
>advantage over doing it all in a single thread.
>I guess the question becomes: Why do you think connection sharing will
>help you?
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