Subject Re: [IBO] update connection
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 09:47 AM 18-05-02 -0700, you wrote:

>Hi Helen,
>I have only 2 components, IBODatabase, and IB_Script on the form
>in the script there is only create table and insert statements.
>do I need a connect string in the script??

No, not if your code has already connected to the database. The script
should not be making a CONNECT either. It sounds as if you need to
breakpoint some of the events and see what is really going on.

>the properties take care of this
>don't they?

Don't understand the question.

>I changed the code in the button to:
> with scUpdate do
> begin
> IB_Connection := updateServer;
> Execute;
> end;

Why do you need to assign the ib_connection at run-time? If this is
necessary, then wouldn't it be necessary to test whether it is already
assigned, sthg like
if ib_connection = nil then...

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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