Subject Re: [IBO] Rounding problems
Author Pirtea Calin
"Daniel Rail" > At 16/05/2002 10:38 AM, you wrote:
> >Is the normal behaviour of round wanted by the rest of you?
> The behavior that you see is performed by the processor itself. It's
> called the Banker's Rounding and is an IEEE standard. Delphi doesn't
> implement any code, but simply passes the value to the processor to be
> rounded. If you want another algorithm, then simply create your own
> function that will perform this. I had to do the same for financial
> calculations in my application when I noticed that my accounting
> software(QuickBooks and Quicken) didn't do the banker's rounding.
> >Or maybe this is the way you want it to work too?
> Even the rounding in Firebird and Interbase uses the processor's rounding
> algorithm.
> This discussion has been a lengthy one on another discussion forum, I'm
> sure if it was IB-Support or Firebird-Devel. I know that I did find the
> information mentioned above.

I've created my own round function and i made sure it is used instead of
system round.

Many thanks.

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