Subject Re: [IBO] Database growth
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi Mark,

I've sent through some ideas to Jason about how we might resolve this
situation (to ensure the internal transaction is closed
automatically without any timer being required). It will be
interesting to hear whether he thinks those ideas may work.

> Not sure how I would explicitly close all transactions myself as the
> internal query happens during the first of my selects.

for i := 0 to MyConnection.TransactionCount - 1 do
if MyConnection.Transactions[i].Started then

You may need to add a check for any explicit transactions that you
want to have openned. Or simply check for unnamed transactions
(Transactions[i].Name = '') so you only process the internal
transaction. The exact timing of where to put this code is more
interesting. If in doubt set up your own timer and doing it very
5 or 10 minutes. As implied above I hope that there will be a better
fix for the problem, but this may help you get going until it arrives.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing