Subject Re: [IBO] Out of system resources
Author Geoff Worboys
> Could you please test against 4.2Hc TEST subrelease? I have changed
> to much code to my app to know if the problem is fixed or I'm just
> lucky today ;)

Svein sent me a demo app - in which I could reproduce the original
problem using IBO 4.2.Ha under Delphi6 Pro (Upd2) and Win2K Pro (SP2).

I just now retested using IBO 4.2.Hc and thought that it appeared that
the problem had gone away. I logged into the app and clicked on the
checkbox boxes and did not get an error.

On a subsequent test I hit cancel on the login dialog and after the
getting the login failure exception I got an AV followed by a runtime
error 216 (whatever that means). The AV occurred in UpdateBar:

procedure TIB_UpdateBar.SysStateChanged;
if (CustomGlyphs = nil) or not (ubPost in CustomGlyphsSupplied)
Buttons[ ubPost ].Glyph.Assign( StandardBitmap( 'UPD_BAR_POST' ));

The original error that was happening in Svein's demo occured under
Delphi6 but did NOT happen under Delphi5. This new error is occuring
under both products. I suspect the new problem relates to the
login exception occuring before all units are initialised - or at
least before the main window is presented.

I am still investigating.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing