Subject Re: IB_DATE
Author mmenaz
When you save a two year date format, the century is automatically added.
If you want the user see what century has been added, set field DisplayForm=
at to something like "dd/mm/yyyy" or whatever d/m/y sequence is in your coun=
To have the user enter the century, you have to set EditMask to something l=
ike '!99/99/9999'.
Hope this will help you
Marco Menardi

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> Hi,
> How do i set IB_DATE to fill the century automatically, by example:
> The user has entered with: 05/05/02
> Will be changed for: 05/05/2002
> I'm using IBO 4.2Ha.
> Thanks,
> Fábio R. Bot da Silva
> Campo Largo - PR - Brazil