Subject Re: [IBO] Out of system resources
Author Geoff Worboys

The fact that you see a problem with resources under Win98 could be
quite real - there are resource issues under Win9x. I have an app
that will not work under Win9x because of these problems. (Too many
different libraries in use - all loading lots and lots of resources.)

If I build that app to use runtime libraries then the resource issue
goes away - at the expense of using about twice as much memory.
Since the app is for a client where all the users come in on terminal
server I chose the all-in-one executable and lower memory consumption
and sacrificed Win9x compatibility.

I have not seen resource problems under Win2K Pro SP2 (or WinNT for
that matter). I have seen AVs due to memory reallocation (dynamic
arrays etc) - but only using Delphi6 (using Upd2, have not tried under
prior Delphi6 releases).

> ([OT] But this make me wonder: how on earth can Linux people fix
> problems l= ike "the xxxyy chipset, while AGP is moving xx to yy
> data, and IDE uses DMA = 4, makes the sound card beep"? Are they
> using "magic"?)

With difficulty. :-)

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing