Subject Re: [IBO] Out of system resources
Author mmenaz
Well, I develop in Win2K (SP1) and Delphi6 pro SP1 and recently 2.
I've noticed that my program crashed under Win98... the IB_nav buttons star=
ted display strange icons.. or it only crashed with "out of resource" (or so=
mething like this). I thought it was just because my app is much more featur=
e rich thatn MS Office <g> so I convinced my customers (they are more "beta =
testers", anyway) to migrate to Win2K, where the program did not had any pro=
blem, and so they did.
After a while, in a particular situation (some nested tab sheets, a grid an=
d check box embedded) even under Win2K, in my developement PC, there was a "=
out of system resource"... So I started investigate my program... then IBO..=
. but I did not discover WHY (it, for example, you open a call stack window,=
and trace the code, the problem disappears!). I patched IBO code to address=
some (I think) issues and reduce it's resource usage, so the problem disapp=
eared and I stopped being desperade ;)
I don't know if when I will add some more tab controls or whatever it will =
show again or not... I tried to make a "simple sample app", but reducing pro=
gram complexity, you save resources and so the problem does not show out so =
easely. I told Jason that I would happily have provide him my app + database=
to track it down, but I think that he thought that was only my problem, and=
he did not reply (I also warned him after some time that it was the last ch=
anche to him to ask me the "reproducible" bug, since I will have make lot of=
changes to it and it's "reproducebility" could have disappeared... as it di=
d). I'm not blaming him, it's natural that it seemed him a very likely probl=
em of my app, not IBO, I'm blaming me not to insist even more, but after my =
fixes I did not had any problem so I went on. How much better it would have=
been if someone else had the same problem when I had it (I also asked in t=
he newsgroup about others having that error, but nothing)!
So hope that Svein Erling Tysvær will keep a copy of the situation and Jaso=
n (or you) will try to trace it, because it's beyond my possibilities.
But it's strange that only two people, me and Svein, have this problem. Non=
e else using programs in Win98? Or having a very complex user interface? Or =
use esplicit commit? NavBar + SearchBar + Update Bar (whe, I have a control =
that I call "WorkBar" that is a update b ar that works upon transactions too=
when there is a master detail relation)? Actions?
([OT] But this make me wonder: how on earth can Linux people fix problems l=
ike "the xxxyy chipset, while AGP is moving xx to yy data, and IDE uses DMA =
4, makes the sound card beep"? Are they using "magic"?)
Thanks for your interest in the problem, Geoff
Marco Menardi

--- In IBObjects@y..., Geoff Worboys <geoff@t...> wrote:
> Some details about your operating system and delphi/bcb versions may
> help. It probably wont help much but you never know.
> I've just been through some very painful stuff in Delphi6 and Win2K
> Pro relating to realloc_mem (whether called directly or via dynamic
> arrays). The code worked perfectly under Delphi5 but caused AVs when
> compiled under Delphi6. I never did solve the problem, just allocated
> a single large buffer and avoided realloc.
> Obviously not the same as your problem - but highlights the need to be
> explicit about what you are using as it can have a big impact on
> whether anyone else will be able to reproduce the same problem.
> --
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing