Subject Re: [IBO] Return from SP always starts Transaction
Author ehandbury

I should have explained myself better.
TransactionIsActive is false when the SP is called. It is true
after the SP executes.


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> >Hello,
> >
> > (IBO4.2Gc, BCB4, FB-1.0-796)
> >
> > I have a very simple SP (TIB_StoredProc) and everytime I run it
> >check TransactionIsActive upon its return, it's always true.
> > I have reduced the SP to a single line (I = 1;), and still the
> >problem.
> It has nothing to do with the size of the SP. TransactionIsActive
is still
> true because the transaction is still active (pending). The
> will not end until you either commit it or roll it back.
> > Can IBO determine if a SP has updated the database or does it
> >always give the worst-case?
> Yes, in the sense that, if you call Commit on the transaction and
no errors
> are returned, then the transaction succeeded and all work will be
> permanent. Until you do, you have an unresolved transaction.
> transactions cannot see the effects of the work because it is still
> > I have changed StoredProcForSelect and StoredProcHasDML to no
> StoredProcForSelect tells IBO that you are expecting a dataset to
> returned. StoreProcHasDML says that the proc is going to perform
> insert, update or delete operation. But neither of them causes the
> transaction to finish. Only Commit or Rollback can do that.
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