Subject Re: Out of system resources
Author mmenaz
I have (had) the same problem!!!
It happened with checkboxes and grid, as soon as I check/unceck it and chan=
ge row, or when I commit.
I tried to isolate the problem, but nothing.
I tried to make a minimal demo app, but I can't reduce complexity and keep =
the problem alive.
I've made a series of patches to IB_Grid TIB_CustomCombo.Destroy and Update=
bar, to reduce system resource and make objects be better free.
Now the problem is disappeared, but I don't think I've fixed it, only avoid=
ed some of it's bad behaviour, or pushed the problem a little far.
Hope that Jason will integrate my patches into IBO.
If you want, give me your complete e-mail privately and I sent you the sour=
I use Delphi 6 pro SP1 (and SP2, but same problem), and you?
Marco Menardi

--- In IBObjects@y..., Svein Erling Tysvær <svein.erling.tysvaer@k...> wrot=
> Hi,
> I just modified a program that I made some time ago with an older version=

> of IBO (current version is based on IBO 4.2Gc, the previous one was some
> other IBO 4.x version, but I think the program originally was written in
> the days of IBO 3).
> The change mainly consisted in adding four columns to the Firebird table
> and then add four TIB_CheckBoxes to my program. Doing this made an "Out o=
> system resources" error message occur every time I tick/untick one of the=
> TIB_CheckBoxes and try to post (AutoCommit is true for the transaction). =
> can change other fields of the query without problems.
> Then I tried to locate the error using a TIB_UtilityBar and select the
> monitor from this one. But this is a problem that doesn't want to get
> discovered and with a monitor around no error occurs! Upon disabling the
> monitor, the error re-appear.
> Does anyone have any idea what can cause this behaviour?
> Set