Subject Re: Numeric Entry in a Grid
Author mmenaz
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> This is probably an easy question.

Yes, it's easy.. you can't!
I had to develop a custom control for currency editing (IB_Currency in IBO palette) since standard mask editing does not work for that porpouse.
Jason has wrote in his site that that control can be embedded in grids. I tryed once, but I did not succeed. Hope that if true is beause of the code of the class it inherits from, since I've put no code to make it "embeddable" (not lazy, just I don't know how!).
Maybe you could try Geoff Ehn controls (see IBO page, or that are very strong in powerful edit mask support, so tehy could be good and embeddable (I don't know... Geoff?).
Marco Menardi

> I have a column in a grid that allows the
> user to enter numbers, and while they're entering I want to show and allow
> them to enter two decimal places.
> I have played with edit masks and am close to what I want with a mask of
> 99.99;1;0. It fails when the user types "1.23" by returning "1 23". If I
> change the mask to 99.99;0;0 I can make "1.23" (user doesn't type the
> decimal) turn into "123.00" which is also not correct. Also mask of
> "99.99;1; " turns "1.22" into "1 .22".
> I could go on, but you get my point -- that is, I'm stuck. I think I'm just
> missing something simple here. I want the user to be able to enter two
> digits to the left of the decimal, and two to the right, and show them two
> digits (zeros) to the right while they are entering.
> Thanks for your help.
> Bob.