Subject Re: [IBO] Sorting Problems
Author Geoff Worboys
> I put IB Monitor on it and found that when you change the
> OrderingItemNo, the Open command will cause a new prepare, but that
> when that happened, one variable 'ComplaintType' was being replaced
> as NULL. If I change the Parameter name to 'CT' instead of
> 'ComplaintType', then everything works as expected. I did this as a
> workaround, but wondered if we need to take a closer look at the
> parameter replacement code or if I am missing something (high
> probability).

It may be something that Jason wants to look at more closely, however
it is always best to name your parameters differently to the field

IBO implements various sort of automation using parameter names that
are the same as field names (or parameter names using field names as
their base such as OLD_<field_name>) in order to perform its
automation for inserts and updates etc. This automation also makes it
easier to create custom InsertSQL and EditSQL etc.

I hope this explains it.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing