Subject [IBO] Re: IB_Date.NormalCellColor
Author mmenaz
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> > strTmp := PadInputLiterals(EditMask, T, ' ');
> Where can I find the function PadInputLiterals ?

in D6 pro it's in MaskUtils.pas
function PadInputLiterals...
What version of Delphi are you using? If you can find a way to make my code (autofill) work well for (D3?) D4-D5 it's welcome :)
Maybe I have complicated the code a bit, thinking about strange short date format. I've recently discovered that VCL strtodate, that expects to have a string formatted with a shortdateformat layout, can not recognize layouts different from the classic dd/mm/yy (or any combination of them), so if you set in windows panel something different you will make VCL raise errors in date conversion.
With this in mind I could suppose to always have that kind of format and avoid PadInputLiterals, but who knows the "localization" mistery? You discover it only when someone from the farest part of the world will use your code, that is too late ;)
Maybe I could only avoid thinking the possibility a layour like yyyy/mm/dd is used...
Think about that problem and help me find a solution :)

Marco Menardi