Subject Re: [IBO] Awkward to use drawcell
Author thomasjensenus
> You may use:
> 1. A calculated field, maybe called 'CALC_STATUSINDEX' and fill
> 2. On event OnGetCellProps of the Tib_Grid do something as:

Nice ideas !!

Let the grid paint the cell, and let me specify the color.
I can surely use these ideas, at least as long as I only
need textual cell content. If I want to use some graphics in
the cell, it does not help. Thanks anyway.

I still think that a UserDrawCell() should have these features:

1- Direct access to the dataset cell data without several
copies of code already existing in IBO (proper AColumn content).

2- Feature to prevent default-drawing of the text content.
Something like AdvancedDrawCell as in the VCL.