Subject Re: IB_Date.NormalCellColor
Author mmenaz
--- In IBObjects@y..., guido.klapperich@t... wrote:
> BTW, Marco added a feature, here is what the OH says
> added special keys facilities: spacebar for current date; if you
> start }
> { typing and control is empty, current date is automatically entered
> so }
> { you have good chanches to have the desired date with few
> keystrokes
> Is it possible to disable this feature, because when you want enter a
> date, that is not the current, it is really a pain to enter it.

Could you please tell me why a pain? Maybe do you have to enter more numbers? I dubt. You are from Italy, so if you have to enter a different day of the same month/year, just type the day (you save 4 keys to type). If you have to enter a different day and month, youst type them (you save 2 keys of the year). If you have to enter a different day, month and year, type it and you save nothing, but it does not hurt you! Or is there something I'm missing?
Marco Menardi