Subject Re: [IBO] Copy sql from one tib_query to another
Author stanw1950
Thanks Marco. Actually we already have ReportBuilder. I've been using
Quick Report for many years now and have been able to do everything
that I've needed to do with it. I have added a few ReportBuilder
reports to our app, but have mainly stuck with qr. Now, back to the

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> This does NOT answer you question, but...
> have you considered using FastREPORT instead of QuickReport?
> it has:
> - IBO native dataset compatibility (me and others are improving and
mantaining this part, together with the author)
> - CLX version, so it runs with Kylix too
> - cheap with source ($99), end user report designer included
> Have a look at:
> or
> I'm using it and I'm satisfied, but you have to try it by
yourself :)
> Regards
> Marco Menardi