Subject Re: [IBO] using stored procs, but no read/select access on table
Author David Cornelius
You'll be happy to know (but probably not surprised) the problem was not in IBO. The problem was that the triggers did not have sufficient access. I had run a script from IBExpert to give all triggers the access, but later realized they still did not (I have some more testing to do in IBExpert). The strange thing is that it actually did work for short periods of time--which may reveal a bug in InterBase (some more testing later...).

Anyway, the immediate problem is solved.


David Cornelius

>>> jwharton@... 04/26/02 05:32PM >>>
You need to make sure you have setup the properties correctly.
It may also be helpful for you to look at the SQL trace to see exactly what
it is doing.
You may also have a LockSQL statement needed.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] using stored procs, but no read/select access on table

> I'm trying something new: using only stored procedure access from the
connected user. So the IBOQuery components have statements like
> etc.
> Everything worked fine from the Delphi application with the connected user
being SYSDBA. But as soon as I switched to my new limited user, I started
getting problems.
> The new, limited user was granted only execute rights to all stored
procedures, and the stored procedures were granted access to their necessary
tables. Testing at the DB level (using IB Expert) seemed to indicate
everything was set up fine--no direct access to the tables, but stored
procedures worked fine once they had correct privileges.
> But the IBOQuery components seem to need direct table access. Displaying
the data seems to be fine, but as soon as I try to post any changes, I get
the following error:
> no permission for read/select access to table MyTable
> TIB_Statement:
> TIBOInternalDataset:
> Is there an IBO property I need to change or do I really need to grant
more access to the user?
> Thanks,
> David Cornelius

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