Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Date
Author mmenaz
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> Please just strip the Value properties out of the DFM before opening it in
> the designer.
> In the code, put the Stored directive to false if you want to avoid this in
> the future.

The only problem is that I've put it in the published part, while it's intended to be only a runtime property.

> I'm probably just going to remove this property since it is entirely
> unnecessary.

Who is using the control in ubound mode find it very useful indeed, and IB_Date is one of the most useful controls in unbound (for range data selection).
Of course, you can do it in code, as I did before introducing Date property, but there are plenty of things I could do in code, but I find wonderful IBO does for me :) IBO visual control superiority over VCL is, I think, more "appealing" than simple connection.

> I merged it in for a user without testing this sufficiently and am paying
> the price.
> It's great to get improvements. I'll try and be more careful in the future.
> That's my part of the deal.

You will never succed in testing something 100% without releasing for other people usage. With my setup the improved component was 100% ok, and I fixed the problem 10 minutes later having read the Geoff message. You receive bug submissions, I think, every day, but only when the code is released and people test it in their programs. I think that IBO community can't be hurted if you make one mistake, since we can easely revert back to the previous version :)
So why drop the Value function? Let's make it work (just removing one line of code...).
Hope you will agree with me, and I don't defend that function because was introduced by me, but was introduced by me bacause me, one other guy and yesterday one more need it, and I think (like you did) it's convenient :)
Crossing my fingers...
Marco Menardi