Subject Re: [IBO] Detecting StartTransaction
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 07:08 PM 27-04-02 -0700, bhata wrote:
>Daniel Rail wrote:
> > At 04/27/2002 04:23 PM, you wrote:
> > >Is there a way to detect a StartTransaction for a TIB_Database?
> >
> > Look at TIB_Transaction.AfterStart event.
>That's what I thought. But when I put a breakpoint on it, it
>only broke at the beginning of the program and InTransaction
>is still false. I execute a StartTransaction from a TButton and
>it doesn't break. Can you verify?

You can't intervene in the StartTransaction method. Don't test
InTransaction, since this relates to the logical transaction but does not
necessarily indicate whether the transaction is active. You should be
testing the TransactionIsActive property to determine whether a physical
transaction has started.

Make use of a TIB_Monitor in your application to watch what happens during
the life of a transaction.

Also use of the TI sheets on transactions at . "A TI sheet is worth 1000 list
postings". <g>

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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