Subject Re: [IBO] Question about Default Values
Author Nando Dessena

> if i make a assignment like
> procedure QrOnNewRecord(IB_Dataset: TIB_Dataset);
> begin
> IB_Dataset.FieldByName('Row').asstring := x;
> end;
> 'x' value will be generate at run-time.
> those IB_DataSet.Modified and
> IB_Dataset.FieldByName('Row').IsModified are true.

That's what the help has to say about it:

[OnNewRecord event]
This event is called when a record is inserted into a dataset. If any
changes are performed in this event's handler method, the buffer is
flagged as unmodified.

So, if it's different in your case, either the code or the documentation
may need a correction.
Let's see what Jason has to say.